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Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Monday, March 3, 2014

Senior Representative Program for NE Ohio

Calling all Senior Representatives!! 

So you have established that you DON'T want to have pictures that look like everyone else's.  You want your images to be unique to you and your style.  Not only that but you want to look amazing!!!    You want your pictures to stand out.  Well cool, you have come to the right place.  Now if you could only MAKE money while you are doing it!!!!  Keep reading, seriously.

What the heck is a senior rep program and how do I make money while looking awesome?!?!?!?

What is a Senior Representative?

A senior rep is a student entering into their senior year of high school who represents my business as a spokesperson.  My Senior Reps  want something different for their senior pictures! They want to have their makeup and hair done. They want to be a model for a day.  They want to be pampered.  They want the whole experience.  They want to look amazing!  And when the day is done they get to share their awesomeness with the world!  Oh did I mention they get to make money????? Let's break it down.

What do you get for being a Senior Rep? 

Let's start with the cash shall we?  You will receive $10 in cash (Not gift cards) for every completed referral!  Option two: if you choose you can have a $20 print credit towards products in the studio, instead of cash. 
You will have the opportunity to have your hair and makeup done by a professional.
You will receive a guided  phone consultation in regards to clothing to help your images be rocking! 
A personalized inspiration board will also be created for just you.
Your images will be shared all over social media making you an instant rock star. 
You will also be give 50 rep cards to hand out to all your friends with your image.  As part of the contract all cards must be handed out. 
You will receive at least 3 water marked images to put on Facebook and other social media sites.  
Also a web gallery of your images to share with friends and family will be provided.

Senior Rep requirements:

Must currently be in your junior year,  graduation 2015.
You must live in NE Ohio.
You must be willing to drive to agreed apron locations at agreed apron dates and times.
You MUST be out going and social.
You must be open to unique experiences. Cuz it's gunna be special baby! 
I need reps who are open to style suggestions and are excited to be daring and try new things.
Also you must have an online social presence such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.  How else are we gunna make you famous? 
A model release must be signed by both parent and model.
You must also fallowing me on all social mediums, this is so I can tag you in all your cool images! 
There is a  also $150 sitting fee (but you can get all that money back baby!).

You only receive credits for referral's during the duration of the 2015 referral program which ends May 2015.  

Terms and conditions: All senior Rep sessions will be done on the same date which will be April 26th 2013.  All Senior Reps must have their sessions done on this date as that is when all hair and makeup artist will be available one location.   Model release must be signed by both parties. 

To fill out Senior Rep form click here!! 

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