Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Reviews and other kind words

"Mindy, so, I was originally drawn to you because I loved the creativity and style of your photographs and the design of your blog/website. I think that is really one of the first indicators of whether you'll end up in the YES or NO pile. At least for me. I just really don't like bad website design. So, your website/blog was just my style...very pretty and stylish. I loved the wedding photos that you had on the website. They showed that you are creative and an excellent photographer. I like the detail and artistic style you put in every bit of your business: the questionnaire, the dvd package, your greeting card. 

I liked how easy it was to talk with you...you were very personable and meshed right in with everyone, including the staff at Oak Lodge (they really liked you!). I typically feel awkward and unnatural when a camera is pointed in my direction, but I really felt at ease and beautiful working with you. You were so encouraging, funny, with a bright personality. The photographs turned out so amazingly well. We liked that we were able to work out a price that would fit into our budget and we were grateful for you working with us on that. 

I know that constructive criticism is very useful, but we really don't have anything to comment on. I just asked Matt and we've got nothin'. You were so wonderful! If there is any other way we can help, let us know. If I hear of anyone getting married in the Ohio/Penn area, I will definitely recommend you. :) 
Have a wonderful day! 

"MINDY we loved most how you were there for every important moment: it seemed like not only for the bride and groom, but for family members, friends, etc., you were catching their sweet and beautiful moments with kids, spouses etc. We loved, too, that having you there to arrange and organize pictures made the family feel there was order and purpose in the photo-taking. We absolutely loved your fun and huge personality.  Your pictures,  too, were just gorgeous, and we were so glad you caught the things we didn't get to see: for example, the reception decorations and the decoration of the car. We loved that you asked what we wanted but also had lots of ideas for poses. You sent the product so quickly, too, and in such an easy format to deal with. We loved the whole experience. " -DIA DARCEY

"Mindy, I loved the uniqueness and genuineness that your pictures illustrate.  You don’t do the cookie-cutter shots that I have seen some many photographers do, and that was never appealing to me when looking for a photographer for our wedding.  I love the angles and risks that you take, no picture is ever the same, and it is not the “expected” picture.  When comparing our pictures to other friends that were recently married, I am so appreciative of your work and that we had the opportunity to work with you. Ben and I never had a ton of pictures together, so it was so special to me that those taken at the wedding really documented our love in a real (uncheesy) kind of way.

You came highly recommended from Matt at the Oak Lodge, and my mom and mother-in-law fell in love with you when they met you for the first time.  That in itself with your website/blog were enough to make a clear and firm decision that we had to work with you!

Again, I love your funkiness, quirky and fun approach. I thought I would be really uncomfortable with the whole picture and photographer in my face just due to my own insecurities.  You never made me feel that way at all.  You complimented me the entire time, and really made me feel comfortable. Ben is really hard to strap down to get him to behave, and you were able to do that.  I look at the wedding pictures and think they are so flattering of the both of us, our family and friends. You can tell from the pictures the story of that day.  I love that.  Thanks for everything Renee"

"Quirk attracted me.  You have the artist's eye--not just for photos, I saw it in the cards you sent me the first day. It's talent -- a gift.  It's unique, the way you could let a family act normal and capture that personality in a disarming, innovative and successful photograph.  Your photos have a new informal different look and it's funky, fashionable and now.  It fits your personality and that is appealing.  You manage to discover and shoot the personality of the couple.  That takes discernment and somehow you get in under their skin and somehow  pull out their personality in the shot.  I see it also in classic poses, critical shots, yet essential, and thoughtful detail in all regards.  

You work with the individual on a group level and do it so disarmingly that even the toughest customer will act contrary to their personality to help in the perfect shot.  (my nephew, the stinky face boy who still talks about the funny photographer).  Dia loved the cowboy remark, I am your boss tonight, she is yours from now on.  It's innovative, and who doesn't love to please the creative, demanding professional.  We want to do what will make us integral parts of something great and we sense that something great is happening. We loved you.  Terina"

"I found Mindy by browsing the internet. I picked Mindy for her artistic eye.I'll use her in the future, because she produced fantastic shots of a difficult subject--me! I HATE having my picture taken, but needed a great head shot. Mindy talked me through my nervousness, gave kind instructions, and somehow delivered a fabulous product. If you don't want photos that look
like they were taken at a department store (or by your grandmother), Mindy is the professional you need. She was prompt and professional. I will definitely use her services again. Shellie" 

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