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Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Samuel Williams & Henry Luda

Okay ladies and gents….  Henry Luda & Samuel Williams are frauds.  They are creepy dudes that are trying to get your money!! If we all turn them in than maybe the police will do something about it!!  Stay away from them.  I am in no way affiliated with them or whatever hebegebee thing they are doing.  They have stated that they are working along side me to have some sort of credibility and they ARE NOT!!  So, stay away!


Anonymous said...

yess they are and this is what it will sound like i was contacted by henry luda :"Job Location
The shooting will hold at a rented photographers studio in your location,so you don't have to worry about traveling,the name and address of the studio will be forwarded to you before the date of the shooting,all make up will be taken care of in the studio.You can come along with any body of your choice on the day of the shooting,your mum,dad,friend,body-guard anybody you wish to come with just for you to feel more comfortable.
Job details

You have 15 different Fashion outfits to cover,which would be provided by our client on the day of the shooting.

Types of cloths;
Jeans and Jackets

Name of client;
Jennifer White.


Company Name;

Job percentage;
The total pay for the jobs is $3,500 and you get $1,200 as your part payment.

Shooting Date;
The date for the shooting is not fix,I will have to make arrangement for that ahead from now,I will email you the exact date for the shooting a week before as soon as the arrangement is completed with our client."

Anonymous said...

There will be no nude shoot and she confirmed to me she will be mailing out the sum of $3,500 after which you get the payment you will deduct $1,200 as your part payment and the rest balance of $2,300 will be transferred to the studio agent via western union for booking of shooting space and registering of your name with the studio.More so you will received your balance of $2,300 in cash before you live the hall on the shoot day OK..

I will notify you immediately the payment has been issued out to you.

Anonymous said...

Same here but i m playing with him!Big time!
I was not born yesterday. ..but they don t know with what kind of raging dog they are dealing with!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting threatened by him what do I do. I didn't cash any checks or anything

Anonymous said...

I just found out the same thing. Except it was a different photography place. My bank stopped me thank goodness before I cashed it. Be aware especially on modeling sites like Modelurl and model mayhem

Mindeena said...

The dude is a creep with no power. Just ignore him. He threatened me to. He told me if I didn't remove this post he would "get me". So I wouldn't worry. Just share his name all over so other people with know that Henry Luda is a fraud!!