Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Today - yesterday - sometimes

Today I am happy.  The clouds are out but so is the sun.  I can handle that.  
Today my children are growing a million miles a minute! This is harder to accept.
Last year at this time we were thrust into this new old house full of wallpaper and fleas.  
Now the wallpaper is gone and thank God so are the fleas (we don't even have pets)!!
This moments Stella is on my lap singing.  We just had tea and yogurt for breakfast in the kitchen nook where the sun shines brightest, overlooking the chicken coop. 
These days I have been enjoying learning the ukulele, Mr. Logan's gluten free blueberry muffins, warm (who am I kidding scolding hot)  loooooong showers and cuddling before nap time with my Stella.  Recently my boys have enjoyed monopoly.  Boy that can be a long game I tell you!
Last week Logan and I went on a weekend get away to Yellow Springs.  A well deserved vacation I might add.  Those three days alone together were just scrumptious.  The dancing, the cuddling, the laughing, the food!!!!!! I and love and him.  
Sometimes things get hard here on the home front- crazy, busy, tiring.  Sometimes I am pulled so many directions I feel that I might explode.  And honestly sometimes I do.  Sometimes I am making dinner while Stella lays at my feet crying for me to hold her.  While in the other room the two boys are wrestling on the couch.  Which is all well and fine until someone gets hurt. And someone always does.  And then there's Tulie who is siting on the counter next to me trying to get her spelling done and wanting me to check every word after it is written for accuracy.   The phone rings and the potatoes are boiling over.   We are going to be late for piano and Oli hasn't even practiced for the day. From 4-9 this is our life.  And I am SO grateful it is mine.  Because at night when I put them to bed, they give me kisses and hugs and beg me to stay with them forever.  And I like that.  I even don't mind when I leave them screaming how much they hate me that day.  Sometimes I just whisper, right back at you! 

Photo credit: Jenny Gildea


Camille said...

Holy crap Mindy...that picture is the most stunning! You...always a babe. Her...timeless!!!

Neko Carrillo said...

Love this!