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Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Sunday, April 24, 2011

What is a first look?

More and more my brides are choosing to do a first look. It is fairly new to the wedding day agenda and newness can be kind of scary for some people. But I assure you newness does not mean any less special.  It actually can be quite wonderful!!
A first look is when the bride and groom opt to due their wedding pictures before the ceremony.  

First looks awesomenesses:
*your hair and make-up are freshly done.  No tears (yet), no hugging from grandma to smear the perfection!
*you get to see each other privately…. Just the two of you, special, alone, in love.   You get to hug and kiss and be excited together. 
*as my goal is to be in the background, it might honestly be your only time together alone the whole doggarn day. 
*and the best part…..after the ceremony, you aren't stuck with me taking pictures for an hour and a half while your family and friends are at cocktail hour without you!!! You are there!  Your pictures are done, the wedding ceremony is over, and you are at the party, your party.

I prefer that the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony.  However, it isn't my wedding, it is yours…. And what I really want is my bride and groom to be happy!!  I simply explain the options so that they can make an educated decision about what is best for them! 

I think I will go to bed now.  Alone, as usual, as my husband has been obsessively 

working on his dissertation.  We are going to have one hell of a party when he gets done with this thang. 

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Wendy said...

You are amazing! Love your style... wish I would have done a "first look" when I got married. Look forward to seeing more beautiful pictures!