Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Friday, January 27, 2012

I and love and you

 She cries a lot!!  I so don't mind it.  I know now after four kids that this too shall pass.  And I will forget her smell and her warmth.  I will forget how small her fingers are and how much I love her twitchy smile while she sleeps.  I am so in LOVE with this baby.  In Oli's prayers tonight he prayed that he would hold Stella more so that mom could get more cleaning done.  Nice.  I am unfortunately anticipating the time when she wont cry all the time.  Sleep my baby, and when you wake up screaming I will feed you and when we are done nursing and cuddling you will stare at me and up into the sky with your big beautiful eyes.  You will begin screaming again and I will wrap you in a soft warm blanket tight like in a cocoon and rock you to sleep.

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Jenny G said...

Such a catch 22...I always thought having a really demanding baby last would be SO HARD since there's other kids to take care of. But, at the same time you appreciate babies a little more as you go along and can see past it. She is a lucky little girl to have you.