Sunday, September 14, 2014

A wedding at The Arcade, Cleveland

I have been looking forward to shooting this wedding ever since I met this couple last year in New York City.  I quickly fell in love with their style, their passion for food and their adoration for each other.  I knew that their wedding was going to be something special, they did not let me down. The venue alone is enough to make your mouth drop.  The Arcade is elegantly stunning.  Not only was everything impeccably beautiful but so were the people.  They were all so kind to me and welcomed me into their lives if for just an evening.  Well my friends, I know you were expecting a lot  from me and I hope I didn't disappoint........

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Oak Lodge PA Wedding Photography

 Okay I am not going to go on and on and on about how spectacular the Oak Lodge is.  I am not going to talk about how awesome the people are that run the place or how amazing the buildings are or how stunning the grounds are.  I am just gunna say it was as beautiful as ever.  I will however tell you that I had the opportunity to work with the most wonderful couple.  I love watching my couples love each other.  I love watching him stare at her.  I love watching her smile at his words.  I see them loving each other and then I think of my man and how amazing he is and I am strengthened.  Greatful that I have a companion, a helpmate.  Everyone needs a "person".  And seeing people find their "person", well that is pretty special.