Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A family in the forest

 I know this post is ridiculously long but we had such an amazing weekend I had to share!! Yellow Springs Ohio is our absolute favorite place to visit.  The hiking is just perfect for our little family.  We   wake up after a long night of fires covered in marshmallow and dirt and enjoy the morning at the coffee house having hot chocolate and eating muffins.  Gluten free mind you.  And then we have an early morning family hike.  On the hike we sing lovely songs.  Actually I sing all alone and the kids fight over who gets to be in the front.  But I like the trees, the shade, the spirit I feel when  I am outside breathing hard in the dirt.  We then go into the little town again for BBQ from the food truck which is amazing and then play at the park while eating ice-cream.  Another hike is had and then we eat dinner over the fire while the fireflies flutter and the kids yell and scream.  We go to bed absolutely exhausted to the sound of the crickets and the view of the glistening stars.  Awakening to the sound of the rooster laying next to me telling me how "hungy" she is.  And the day starts again.  And I love it!! Can't wait to go back to our little Yellow Springs.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Rachel and Adam's lovely wedding day

Talk about a low maintenance bride and groom.  I arrived to find chickens running amuck, my favorite!  And the party already begun.  There were new babies crying, food being eaten and members of the wedding party still in pjs.  Talk about my kind of crowd.  The eddying was so intimate and personal.  His father married them under the families lovely trees amongst their mother's flowers.  All the little personal touches, that is what made it all so perfect.