Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Keeley's senior pictures- Berea senior pictures

Here's to strong women.  May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them! 

This young women graduates this year and I see strength in her eyes.  She has a very strong support system,  she has been given much and much is expected of her.  And there is no doubt in my mind she is going to go out into this world and move mounts.  

Berea, OH senior pictures.  Fields, forest, rivers.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


When Tulie was born she was awesome!!! Then she got bigger.  And harder.  And supper hard.  And I didn't like her very much.  And I don't think she liked me very much.  Tulie was a screamer and a crier and so crazy stubborn.  Her communication skills were a little lacking for her age and that did not help the situation.  Tulie was a sneaky sneaky monster.  She got into everything, paint, toothpaste, powder, cream cheese, poop, everything.  But now, wow, now.  She is just the shit!! She is silly and kind and forgiving and shy and outgoing all at once.  CHEEKY is a word known to describe her.  And  I adore her.  Things still come more slowly for her.  She does't learn as quickly as the other children her age and her social skills are a little quirky ~ those things are all jellybeans.  This girl is magic.  And I am so grateful God sent this little munchkin to our family.  To teach us patience, but also how to be silly, how to enjoy the simple and how to love.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

perfectly loved.

My boys are all currently off to Oliver's basketball game.  I "had" to stay home so stella could nap.  Sometimes watching those games,  I would just rather  punch myself in the face then stay for the whole thing.  They are so painful to watch!!!!  Poor Oli is so short his face is often bouncing off the other boys sweaty chests.  But we go and we cheer and we support.  Mean while Logan and I are often conspiring together thinking how we can sway him into a more appropriate activity more suitable to his talents.  
I am looking at the laundry piling up the other room and the dishes in the sink and the tower of shoes in the front hall and all I want to do is make cookies with my girls and watch a movie.  I am sure Frozen will be the movie of choice.  We have only seen it 4.6 billion times.  Which is a lot since we only watch TV on Saturdays.  But they love it.  Which is crazy because the story line just offends me every time.  Sometimes I think they couldn't have possibly read the script before hand or they would  have never gone through with it!!! The only reason I allow my girls to watch it is because they sing every song together and it makes me so happy.  
The sky is dreary.
I try not to think about that or the ocean in North Carolina or the eternal blue skies in Idaho.  I also try not to think about all the cookies I am about to consume.  I try to think about ways to be a better mother and a less naggy wife.  I try to think of little ways for my children to serve one another as well as others.  I try to share my gratitude with God throughout the day.  I try to not be sad about my Idaho family so far away.  I try to be present for my little ones and actually hear what they are saying.   I don't want to be perfect, but I do want my children to feel perfectly loved. 

Photo credit.  The Amazing Jenny Gildea. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rocky River Reserve ~ Snow family

So you go to the wedding, you have a wonderful time with the guests and then the sister of the bride calls you for a session.  Talk about the best compliment ever!!!  So this little family and I took pictures up at the Rocky River Reserve this last fall and it was perfect.  The children were lovely the parents loved each other and their children. Not to mention the lighting and the location were superb. It is wonderful how sometimes our clients become our friends. Lucky me.  

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

An engagement on the lake

                    I want you and your beautiful soul; sometimes the pictures just speak for themselves.....

lake Erie engagement session in December.