Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Drinking Coca Cola with a lime

This month has made me so happy! I am loving the sunshine.  I am loving Stella's age.  I love that she has an opinion.  I love that she can blow kisses and dance and talk on the phone.  I love that she is strong-willed and smart.  She is using words and sign language to communicate and that has been fun to be apart of.  The big kids are almost done with school and I am so excited for summer with them.  I am looking forward to swimming EVERYDAY,  hikes and picnics.  I am excited to sleep on the trampoline and turn the sprinklers on while they dream…… my mother did that to us a time or two.  Maybe when they are older.  I feel that they are gone alllll the time now, and we only have time for the basics - dinner, homework and maybe a little cuddling if we are lucky.  So I am looking forward to being able to craft, dance, and bike ride.  Sawyer is a doll by the way.  When I think of sending him off to school next year, it breaks my heart.  Really - breaks it!!!  Then I will only have one kid at home.  Crazy thoughts!!!  Well cheers to summer and lakes and sunburns and coca colas with lime - or as Logan calls them - Dirty Penguins.

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