Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Friday, May 17, 2013

Am I the right photographer for you?

Am I the right photographer for you? Well, I don't know.  Let me tell you a little about my past clients and then you can decide if you think we would make a good fit.

*My clients LOVE details.  And so do I.  In my world there are two different types of details - the cute additions people add to their family shoots or weddings that show personality and provide specialness like the handwritten name cards or the unique party favors.  Is that a word - 'specialness'?  And the other type of details is the eyelashes, the freckles, wrinkles, the birds, the dew on the wine glasses, the sneaky hugs, the tired feet, the crying baby.  Which "details" do I capture?  BOTH.  I want it all!  To me, that is what photography is.  Looking beyond the obvious and catching the memory!  So if you like those types of details, I might be your photographer.

*Movement.  I love images where you can see motion; I love seeing LIFE in my images.  I don't want you to just stand there and smile!  I want you to laugh, hug, spin, dance, forget that I am there and just be! Kiss her, dance with her, throw your head back and laugh.  Do it!

*Everyone of my shoots is carefully planned and designed in one form or another.  We spend a lot of time talking about what the client and I want to portray, what feelings they are looking to capture.  After I have tried to get their same vision through my mind, we talk about locations that might provide the vibe they want.  We then talk about clothing.  Clothing is a VERY important part of a shoot.  VERY important.  Got it people?  I am not saying we need to go out and buy a new wardrobe, but I am just saying:  "Think about it."  Let me help you to create the vision you want.

*My clients appreciate art.  They like colors and patterns and food and music. They don't just want a picture; they want something unique, special and artistic.

*The wonderful people I work with are willing to invest, travel, wakeup early, get out of their comfort zone, be spontaneous.  They are not only willing to, but they WANT to.  They want to be and are active participants in this creative process.

*My clients are happy,  kind and thoughtful.  My wedding clients ADORE each other and my families rain love on their babies.  My clients are good people.

So am I the photographer for you?  You tell me?

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