Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why an engagement session is a must!!! {Berea Wedding Photographer}

Why engagement pictures can be so important…

1) Having a "trial run" may help the dudes relax.  Being in front of a huge black camera and being expected to perform can be scary for anyone.  And many men have this misconception that I am going to have my make-up artist attack them with rouge and lipgloss.  Having them meet me and feel what it is like behind the camera can help all involved (photographer included) relax which in turn helps our images come out more natural - more of you.
2) Engagements are also a nice way to get "real" pictures of the couple.  With engagements, you have control of everything:  location, timing, style, clothing, props, et cetera.  Everything.  It is a day of fun and relaxation.  In an engagement session, we are able to really create unique, individualized sessions just for the couple.
3) The wedding day can be super hectic and rushed.  There are lots of things going on.  From family drama, to clothing mishaps - oh, and vows being read.  Having your engagement photos helps relieve the pressure that is often put on the bride and groom to perform since we have already done this, and we all know how it's going to go down.
4) I also love when my clients allow me to take their engagement photos and create beautiful pieces of art to display at the wedding.  Sometimes, we will create a huge collage on a canvas or a personalized wedding book.  Lots of amazing fun ways to display the pretty images.  This allows all their friends and family to see them - to see and experience their love in an authentic way.

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Hawaii Photographer said...

i totally agree with this, most people dont understand it but makes things so much smoother on wedding day.