Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Thursday, October 6, 2011


I am sitting here at Starbucks waiting for a client.  I am smelling the coffee and listening to the music - completely guilt free.  They called and said that they would be late so now I will just sit and relax.  How wonderful is this?  We are in the process of moving, and I am excited!  We will be going from a 700 sq foot house to a house with a finished basement.  Wow.  My only problem, which is so NOT  a complaint,  I only have enough furniture to fill two rooms and the family room.  The two other rooms and the front room are completely empty.  Which is cool because I get to actually decorate!!!!  Before we only had room for the necessities, so this is exciting.  Oh did I mention that my office will no longer be my coat closet in the front room?  Yes, so stoked.
Tulie will be in full day kindergarten when we move, not her current three hours, and I am devastated.  I will miss her.  I  am surprised how sad I felt when I heard the news.  I am sure we will both be fine. And when the new baby comes I am sure it will be a relief, but Sawyer will be so lonely.  He won't have anyone to pick on him all morning.
I am happy in this here life we have been blessed with.  Peace.

This is my little sister….. Amanda Teddy.  I am so glad you are apart of our family!

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