Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Friday, May 6, 2011

Lucky me…..

For Easter Logan went way out of his way and made a gluten free carrot cake for me.  He even got a pineapple and puréed it for one of the ingredients.  By the time he was done mixing it all together it was like a $45 cake.  He had set it on the stove while the oven was pre-heating and I was in the kitchen making deviled eggs, which are a must have with Easter Eggs.  Sawyer sat at my legs crying, "No Mommy. Don't break the pretty eggs!"
When all the sudden a bomb went off. Literally.  The pan containing the uncooked cake had literally exploded into a gillian pieces.  There was carrot cake dripping from every wall in the kitchen.   Turns out the hot pan was on which made the glass pan the carrot cake was in shatter.  We are still cleaning up shards of glass.  Logan cried.  Really.  Okay not really but if he were a girl he would have.  
Which brings me to families.  I am a pretty lucky girl I think…. loving and being loved.  Below is a family that I just met and I know they would say the same thing.  They were both so kind and loving to their sweet boys and each other for that matter.  Their three year old ran straight into a mud puddle and mom replies, "Oh well, he's a boy." On their picture day!  Cool and calm and loving.  Just lucky and feeling blessed to have such a wonderful family.  Believe me I am NOT that cool of a mom! Someday.

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