Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lantern Court Wedding

This was my first time shooting at Lantern Court.  And yeah it was crazy big.  I decided that no one needs a house that huge.  But if I was given one I wouldn't complain. I had the opportunity to capture Elisabeth and Justin's engagement photo's this spring.  And what a great idea it was.  I think the fact that they have already worked with me really helped the wedding day more smoothly.  I was also able to see their little one again.  Talk about the prettiest eyes I have ever seen.  Thank you, thank you for allowing me to join you on this super fantastic day!  


A little review from this bride after she received her images.  This review and others can be found on The Knot.

I am so happy with the work Mindy Sue did for both our engagement session and our wedding. She likes to capture movement of REAL people & has a great eye. Her photos are both artistic & life-like! 

I didn't want the standard wedding photos - I was looking for something with a little bit of an artistic flare. 

Mindy has a great aesthetic (think Anthropologie shoot). 

She also helped keep our event & guests moving! 

Five stars!


Mindy Young said...

Mindy! These photos are incredible. I love you unique and relaxed approach to the bride and groom's photos. You really have a beautifully vintage aesthetic in your work, these weddings photos are just timeless. I love seeing your new work!

Jenni Smithberger said...

Ahhhh! I must squish on the chubby little baby, what a doll! You made these photos feel like a fairytale Mindy. Nice work!