Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This girl of mine will not stop growing and that makes me sad.  She gets taller and stronger and more stubborn.  She is so cheeky.  That word has been used to describe me before if I remember correctly.  It's amazing how I love her so much I could just eat her and then a second later I am praying that God will give me strength to not throw her out the window! She is interacting with my older children and they intern love to play with her.  I am so crazy lucky to be blessed with such an amazing family.  I couldn't imagine anything better then being a Mother.  The intense love I feel towards these little guys  is just crazy.  I have given up "my life" for these little ones and in return they have given me a life I could have never imagined!

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