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Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My birthing story

I posted my birthing story on my personal blog and for some reason I feel impressed to post it here.  It is very personal and in great detail. My intentions with sharing this is to show women that there are options to their experiences.  That they have a say and a voice in how their babies come into this world.  That sometimes Mama knows best.
Late Wednesday the 21 my water broke while I was sleeping "tossing and turning".  For those of you that have not been pregnant yet in the last month sleeping is like running hurdles.  You have to completely sit up to roll over and that is done several times a night.  Also the peeing is non stop.  So as I was "resting"  I noticed that I was leaking.  Not a lot.  Just enough to produce a question.  Things got worse when I awoke for the morning.  I called my midwife and she had me come in to do a paper test.  If it is amniotic fluid the paper turns purple.  If it is the baby needs to be delivered within 24 hours to avoid possible infection.  In our case the paper turned purple and we were informed we would be having a baby that day one way or anther.  As the water flow was very miner we were told to go do some walking to try to induce more contractions.  So after taking care of the kids and packing a bag, yes I was nine days late and still didn't have a bag packed, my genius husband suggested we go walk around Costco.  We get there and the contractions are there but far apart.  We walk for about ten minutes when my water totally escapes.  Nice.  I am standing there completely soaked and Logan says, "I guess you had better get to the hospital. Why don't you go get in the car and I will finish up here."  So after he made his important purchases of the necessities like a giant box of batteries and a beanbag, we headed off to the holistic birthing center.

The name is a little deceiving because it's really only one room in a hospital but it is wickedly cool.  It has a Jacuzzi tub the size of a king size mattress that has colored lights that flash.  Hated those. A fridge and microwave, a couch and recliner and a flat screen tv.  It was nice they also had a place for Logan to stay, had he have been able to have stayed (mom was back in Idaho).  Normally the poor Dads get the shaft. 
We arrived around 2 and did various activities to get labor contractions going.  At 4 my midwife showed up, and I was 80% effaced and only dilated to a 3.    So we labored more.  The contractions got more intense and I was ever so grateful for Logan and his support.   I relied on him a lot and he was wonderful.  As the time went the contractions got stronger and I kept thinking, "Why the HELL did I opt to do this natural again?  I remembered how shitty it was the first time so why do I feel the need to experience it this way again?"
I think the answer to that  question is that I know what kind of experience I wanted to have this time.  It only took me four times to learn that I was in charge of my experience.  Not a doctor, not a nurse.  I just needed to find someone who thought like me, to help me make my desires a real experience.  I didn't want to be attached to cords and needles and iv bags or feel like I was in an operating room with all the lights and people in a cold sterol environment with people using words like scapel, epesiodomy, suction or forceps.  I.E. Oliver's delivery.  I also knew that I wanted to be aware and apart of my experience and not drugged or needing a pee bag.  I.E. Tulie's experience.  And I wanted it to be my choice to go natural,  not like with Sawyer delivery, unprepared and scared to death. 
I wanted quiet and freedom to move and breath and be.  I wanted to change position when I wanted to.  To walk or sit or lay and not be hindered by the cords and the beeping and the monitoring.  Don't get me wrong, the nurse did monitor the baby but only as needed.  I wanted soft light and music and my thoughts and my breathing and my husband to help me.  And great-fully that is what I got. 
I labored in the tub for an hour or so with Logan, my helpmate distracting me with stories and letting me rest on him in between contractions.  I then transitioned to the bed as I was so tired and didn't feel I was resting well in between contractions in the tub.  Logan was so helping and supportive every step of the way.  I can't say enough what an amazing support he was for me.  Once in the bed I was checked and pronounced to be at a 9 and 100% effaced.  Horrified because I was at a 9 for three hours with Sawyer I began to panic that the baby wasn't ever going to come.  My midwife informed me she wasn't going to sit there and wait for three more hours stuck her fingers in and told me to push.  I wanted to kick her and would have had another nurse and Logan not had a hold of my legs.  Whatever the hell she was doing hurt so amazingly bad, I knew I couldn't stand it again.  So I told myself the pain would stop as soon as I got that baby out.  So I pushed, not caring if she ripped me in two and in one push she was out. 
They laid her on my chest and left her there until I was ready.  They did not poke her, scrub her, stab her with a needle or do their little 1-5 test.  They didn't subject her to bright lights or scales or being rushed about.  They just left her there with me.  To hold and love and be.  I think that was the best part.  Having her there, with me and her Daddy. 
I am not courageous enough to deliver at home but this is a close second.  Yes it was both traumatizing and wonderful.  I was able to be calm and let my body be strong and be amazing and I am great-full. 

Stella Noel Lamprecht was born at 8pm 20 inches long weighing  7 pounds 9 ounces. Welcome daughter. 

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brinkpink said...

That was beautiful! Sounds like it went just right. Good for you for finding and getting exactly what you wanted. Thanks so much for sharing :)