Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Thursday, May 24, 2012

My thoughts on Motherhooding

I thought I might post a picture or three of my older babies.  They are my babies!!  Being a Mom used to be really hard for me.  Actually I didn't like it.  I felt confined, trapped, under appreciated like I wasn't meeting my full potential.  And then a few things changed for me.  I became a Celiac.  And getting on the diet did wonders for me.  Celiac is an "allergy"  to gluten found in flour, rye and barley.  It affects everyone differently and for me the gluten affected my brain the most.  Since starting the diet my brain is sharper,  my memory better, my ambitions higher and my confidence is wonderful.  
Once I started the diet things started to click and I realized that I wasn't stupid like I always thought I was.  High school for me was really hard- my brain wasn't working properly and I didn't excel.  But now I can do anything- so I did. 
 I started a photography business. And because of my business I became a better Mother.  
Being a stay at home Mother then became a choice.  I could work, I could work a lot.  But I CHOSE to stay home. I choose to be with my kids.  I am not just stuck here doing Mommy things, I choose here.  Learning that for myself was super important in my ability to be a good Mother.  

The other huge part in becoming the mother I wanted to be also came from my work.
Some Mothers are better Mothers because they work.  And I find for me, that I also am a better Mother because I work.  I am so SUPER lucky that I have an option to work whenever I want.  I get to set my own schedule, so I get to be home with my kids during the day and work weekends when Daddy is home.  
I find a lot of fulfillment in creating.  Creating makes me happy.  So I go to work, I create and then I come home a happier Mom.  So thank you kids for being patient while your Mother was finding herself.  I am still changing and evolving but at least I am happy while the changes are occuring! I and LOVE and YOU. 


Jenny G said...

Sure do like you and you have such lucky kids.

Shalon said...

I think you are an awesome, amazing mother. You are also a very talented photographer. How very fortunate for you to be able to do 2 things that you love so much.

ashrather said...

Glad to hear your change. Motherhood was really hard when Mason was first born but is easier now. Having good nutrition can change everything. The pictures are amazing. I can't believe Tulie's hair! It is amazing. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Ash