Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


TWINS….. can you imagine?  No I absolutely cannot!! I think God and I both agree that there is no way I could do twins.  But it is possible!!  For others I mean.  I witnessed it first hand.  And I felt supported in my decision that twins is craziness.  Craziness that this couple handles amazingly well!  We took our time changing outfits, playing with balloons and laughing during this shoot.  Oh and a lot of pulling babies back into position.  But we made it work.  These two boys were the sweetest most loved boys ever.  I think someone must have known what He were doing when He sent these two guys to them!

Below is a blurb about how Jessica felt about her experience!

Working with Mindy Sue was fabulous! As a mom of four, she understand kids
and the chaos and unpredictability that goes with them. I was glad she
went after the great shots while she had them, knowing that 11 month old
twin boys don't sit still for long. She was incredibly patient and
helpful, which was so appreciated. Her end product was beautiful with a
wide variety of shots to fit our needs.

I came to the shoot with lots of ideas of what I wanted to do. When I
mentioned this to Mindy Sue she said, "This is your chance to be creative.
Do what you want!" Her words were perfect, our shoot allowed me to explore
the creative ways of photographing my sons under her guidance and art

I'm anxiously looking forward to our next shoot with Mindy Sue

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