Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Barfing, pooping and flying

Dear world…..  I am back!!  And must I say it was quite an adventure getting here.  The four kids and I were set to fly home on Friday morning.  As the day approached I had mixed feelings about leaving.  I was ready to see my man after three weeks and be in my own space but I was sad to leave my family.  And then Thursday came, as well as the flu.  Sawyer and I were laid flat on our backs for a good 24 hours…… I was horrified.  What if the other three get it?  The barfing, the pooping and then I remembered the airplane.  We were to leave the very next day and Sawyer and I were still exhausted in our beds.  That night we prayed mightily that the kids wouldn't get it….. they did.  Tulie started puking in the car that night and Oli soon followed.  I wasn't barfing anymore but I still wasn't feeling up to dragging three young people across the country.  The three hour car ride to the airport did not show much promise as there was much barfing and pooping in pants by both little ones.  I was horrified.  Earlier that morning we again asked God for a little help.  I was NOT going to be able to do this alone.
Well to make a long story short, we made it with little trauma.  We made it through the airport with large soda cups in each child's hands just in case.  The first short plane ride went well until I noticed as I sat in the back of the plane that our connecting flight stating boarding fifteen minutes ago.  We got off the plane and started running.  All of us in purple and green tie dyed shirts as to help everyone be identified more easily.  Oli and Tulie, cups in hand, white as ghosts, were pushed to the limits as I threatened them with sleeping in the airport if they didn't go faster.  We arrived to find an almost empty gate to find the plane had been delayed by 30 minutes.  Talk about a gift from God.  My kids fell to the floor in flu exhaustion and Tulie barfed in her cup.  Had the plane been on time, we would have certainly missed it, and I would have been sitting in the Denver airport with three kids that had the flu and a little baby.  There is no doubt in my mind that God had a hand in helping me and my kids make it home safe.  When I think of all the things that could have gone wrong I just cringe.  Did I mention I had to put a diaper on a certain someone because every time she vomited she pooped?  Yeah.  Really.

Well I am back and have so much to show you.  Above is a picture of my Stella.  No editing has been done on her eyes.  It is simply the reflection of the amazing Idaho sky on her beautiful eyes!


Linda Bender said...

I am glad that you and the kids made it back home safely. I don't know what I would have done if I was in your shoes....Stella has the most beautiful eyes...Keep up the great work on the pictures.

Wendy said...

I love you! And God must love you too, I'm not sure how you handled that!

Courtney said...

God is good! So glad you made it back safely and as smoothly as possible.