Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Las Vegas for photographers. WPPI!

Well my Mom has just left after a week of wonderfulness!!  We ate, shopped and watched movies.  We made soup and cookies and pies, two of them actually.  We went out to Lolita's for my birthday dinner.  We worked out, we did laundry, we played games.  It was nice having my best friend here with me.  My favorite part was when my seven year old daughter took her to the ground and sat on her.  I sure wish Ohio wasn't so far from Idaho.  I feel so removed from my family sometimes.  And at other times the space is a good thing.
   I am off to Vegas on Thursday so please leave your prayers with my husband.  He keeps asking me how he should do Tulie's hair.  I am sure she will look like she just woke up when he sends her off to school but who cares.  I will be in Vegas.  Maybe I will get her a shirt that says "Daddy did my hair Mom's in Vegas."
  I am trying to get things caught up before I go and my hubby is behind me here setting up the new Wii U.  What was wrong with our old one I don't know!!!  But whatever.  I'm going to Vegas.  WPPI is a huge conference for photographers.  Thousands of us take over Vegas for a week learning, taking pictures and meeting people.  I hope I can bring a few things back that help me better my business in addition to having a little vacation away from my little angels.  Actually I am terrified that they might not all be here when I get back!  Really pray that he doesn't loose one.  See you in a few days!!

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Allison and Boyd said...

Haha, you can blame Boyd for the Wii U. Good luck, have fun.
p.s. I make Boyd practice on my hair for one day when we have kids. He's getting pretty good at ponies.