Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Thursday, February 28, 2013

What camera equipment is a must have in your bag?

Well everyone is different depending on their style.  There is no right or wrong way but for me what camera equipment is in my bag….
I am totally a Nikon girl- All the way baby.  So that is what my bag is plum full of.
Camera bodies - Nikon D700
    backup - Nikon D 90

 My 50 AF mm 1.2 is my FAVORITE!!!
 The 35 AF mm 1.4 is pretty freaking wonderful too.  Really works well for being in a small space.
 I also carry the 70-200 AF-S which I use mostly for weddings.

 SB 700
 SB 600
Oh and a few random off camera speed lights too.

SanDisk SD cards
Black Rapid single strap
Color balance reflector
Nikon MB- D10 power pack hand grip - love this by the way
The cutest camera bag -Epiphany

Printing companies I love-
Whcc of corse
Black river imaging

I shoot RAW always!!  I know that makes my files sizes 100x bigger but it is a must.
I am not cropping a whole lot in post processing as I always try to crop in camera which saves a lot of time.  Oh and get your exposure done right in camera and it will save you hours. That comes with practice.
I have a few actions from the amazing Pioneer Women that I use.  They are free fyi.
I also use a few Florabella Colorplay actions that are super fun.

My next purchase ssshh don't tell Logan- maybe the 85mm?  I am a sucker for prime lens as they are just so darn sharp!!

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Lane Baldwin said...

Ohhh, love this! My 50mm is my favorite too. :) Although I'll argue that my Kelly Moore bag is just as cute as your Epiphanie!