Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Monday, December 30, 2013

Making our house a home

 Moving to a new home is hard…. and hard.  The kids don't sleep well.  I don't sleep well.  It smells like old lady.  All our stuff doesn't look like it fits in these strange rooms.  The walls are COVERED in 1960's wall paper and I am hungry.  Oh and bitter that we had to move.  So that is how our first few weeks were.  And then slowly the wall paper came down and Logan began to cook again.  The smell isn't so old lady anymore and we are making it our own.  It is exciting and exspensive having our own home.  We have gone a little paint crazy and have a few bright rooms.  Which I am growing to love.  Everyday the house becomes a bit more like home and I like that.  We have a three seasons room that needs a lot of love.  I am excited to attack it this spring and make a lovely space.  Below is a precious images I took of my little daughter and her Daddy reading together.  Ultimately it doesn't matter what house we live in.  As long as we can cook good food, play video games, dance, pray and be together then it can be home.

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