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Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to look good at your photo session {Berea family photographer)

I am so happy to be home back in Berea!!  I missed my family more than I could have imagined!! While I was in Las Vegas at WPPI, I was able to do a handful of shoots with so many amazing photographers!!  These images are from the strip.  Talk about a pretty girl eh?  The more and more people I take pictures of, the more I realize that not everyone looks good in front of the camera.  Obviously I am not talking about this girl.  She was amazing.  But photographing her got me thinking. Sometimes I meet with a client and I think, boy they're a cute couple. These pictures are going to be AMAZING.  And then we begin the shoot, and I realize my pictures look awful.  The cause is most likely one - that they are uncomfortable in front of the camera or two, because she thinks she's a hot Mama and proceeds to do all sorts of modely awkward looking moves with her body.  Either way, not a problem.  We can fix it by either relaxing the client by making them laugh or getting used to me or by helping them to move more naturally into "real" positions.
And sometimes I get a client who looks just "normal" and she can blow my socks off behind the camera!  So what I am trying to say is, you don't have to look like a runway model to rock your images.  Below are a few tips to help you look amazing in your images.

*Wear makeup!!!!  Even if you don't normally, just do it.
*Wear clothing that makes you feel amazing.  Nothing too tight, too short or too crazy.  You don't want to be pulling and tugging and sucking in the whole time.
* If you are self conscious about a part of your body, tell me!  If I know you are self conscious about your arms, then I can focus on making them look good. There are tricks to camouflage those little self-conscious areas.
*Dress yourself and your family in things that won't fall out of place easily.  You don't want to be worrying about little Annie's vest sliding down her arm the whole shoot.
*Don't worry about trying to make the kids look straight and smile.  That is my job!  If you are focusing on them and not looking at me, chances are you will be the one ruining my shot and not them.
*Don't act like a supermodel.  Just be you and I will make you look amazing.
*If it's windy, try styling your hair in a way it won't be in your face all day.
*Don't match your clothes!!! DON'T DO IT! Coordinate.  Get a color palate, start with a favorite piece and go from there.  Pinterest is a girl's best friend.
*Dress according to the location you have picked.  Don't wear 5 inch heels in a field that has grass up to your hip.  You will just get your feet stuck and your pretty heels won't even be seen.
*Trust me, this is what I do.  I make people look good!!!  So come feeling beautiful and confident.  Because we are going to have a great time making memories and making you look fabulous.

Mindy Sue photography, Cleveland wedding photographerMindy Sue photography, Cleveland wedding photographerMindy Sue photography, Cleveland wedding photographer
Mindy Sue photography, Cleveland wedding photographer
                                                                                              Model: Shelby Valine

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