Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer

Mindy Sue Cleveland Photographer


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life flies by….

My life has been one crazy roller coaster since our little trip to Idaho.  Logan wrecked our car….. I like to say it that way because it gets him all riled up.   A dude hit the back of our car and that is all she wrote of that vehicle.  So we have had to:
# 1.Buy a new van.  There I said it, we have a van okay.  We are going to have four, count them four kids.  Thus we have a minivan.  
#2.  Logan started his new job as a professor up at Cleveland State.  Booya. 
#3.  Get a new place to live.  We are currently in a two bedroom apartment the size of a porta potty.  
#4.  Tulie had her tonsils out and tubes in her ears.  That was awful!  She lost four pounds.  That is a lot for a little girl!!  But she is doing wonderfully now.  Strangely I think she's a happier girl. 
#5. All that and I had a zillion shoots to squeeze in between it all.
Not to mention we found out we were having a girl!!!!  We are so excited.

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed… trying to be everything to everyone.  Trying to be a working mom that isn't working so it doesn't interfere with hubby and kids.  I felt bad today as I made dinner that I don't ever cook anything new and then I thought, screw it, I worked all day today in one way or another.  At least they aren't getting cereal.   I have to be okay with "falling short"….. no, with the me of now.  Be okay that you read to the kids, played at the park, sent emails, edited a shoot, posted a blog, made dinner, talked to your mother on the phone, did half the laundry and dare I say read a little in your book.  Yeah, if that is falling short, bring it. 

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